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    I have been running with GRBL shield for the last couple of years on my Shapeoko and was looking into a more robust alternative and tinyG looks to be it. I use Vectric Aspire for all of my work and was wondering what people are using as the post processor setting in Aspire for use with their tinyG?

    Thanks for any help…



    Download this post-processor and paste copy them to your PostP folder :
    -run Vectric Aspire application
    -File->Open Application data folder
    -Open PostP folder
    -Paste or move files downloaded here
    -Close Aspire and restart it to load the PostP Script
    -Now when you post, choose TinyG_NoArc_mm or TinyG_Arc_mm post processor
    -the output file will have “.tap” extension, if you want other( .nc, .iso …) just modify the “.pp” file with WordPad or other text editor and don’t forget to close Aspire and restart it !

    hope this will help you !



    Saci…Thank you very much I just put an order in for tinyG now that i have these post processors that was the only thing that was holding me back from ordering…..I can’t wait to get this all setup now….



    hello, i’am new and i cant download that links u know where to find i got the same problem greets



    3 year old posts. Most legacy Public Dropboxes died Sept 1.
    Have you tried Google Search?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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