TinyG v7 Released

Alden has been working on quite a few hardware design modifications plus a few new boards.  However this post is about the new upcoming TinyG v7 board.  This board has some nice improvements over older versions of TinyG. Lets just jump into the newest features:

  • Bluetooth Serial Dongle Support.
  • Screw down terminals (no need for the motor connector kits now)
  • 12v voltage regulator added to support ON BOARD PC fan port.
  • RS485 Ethernet ports have been removed for a 3 pin screw down connector.
  • More robust potentiometers.
  • Spindle ON / OFF support.
  • More copper for onboard thermal protection.

Now for a more in depth explanation on each feature.

Bluetooth Serial Dongle Support: This new feature provides inputs as well as 5v to allow for a bluetooth serial port to be connected to TinyG.  In other words, think of TinyG now able to be controlled wirelessly from any device that supports the bluetooth serial port profile.

Screw Down Terminals: We have moved away from the stepper motor .156 connector pack that we have been using in the past.  These are the same connectors that are used on the grblShield v3.

PC Fan Port: We have added a standard PC 12v connector onto the TinyG board.  Having tested TinyG quite a bit.  It seems like the vast majority of TinyG customers are using 2AMPS+ motors.  (2.5AMPs is the MAX) By providing this onboard connector there is no need to fumble around with a additional ad adapter or any other custom wiring.

RS485: The older RJ-45 female connectors were replaced for a type of connector that screws down.  Very similar to the screw down motor connector packs.

Potentiometer Upgrades:  This is a minor upgrade really… But basically the new pots are a bit more solid and a bit stronger than the last pots we used.  However, caution should still be used when ever adjusting TinyG current trim pots.

Spindle ON/OFF: This is another great improvement in the v7 boards.  We (Alden and I) have decided that putting AC into TinyG is a BAD idea.  That being said, our solution to controlling a AC spindle is to use a Solid State Relay with a single pin on TinyG.  We now will be selling AC solid state relays on the webstore.  However, any SSD that can be switched by 3.3vdc input should work with TinyG’s Spindle port.

Thermal Protection:    More copper… Thats really it.. We went to a 4 layer board that has  roughly 2x the copper as the previous TinyG!  This should allow for better performance all around.

We should have the new documentation up on the site soon.  So to be clear, we are ONLY shipping v7’s from here on out.  We are TOTALLY out of v6 boards!




  • After a long journey to Germany, I received the parcel with the TinyG controller today (16.10.2012). It was send off 25.09.2012. Thanks so far.
    Now I am looking for a schematic circuit diagram for the v7.
    It seems to me, the board does not get any power via the USB connector for a quick hook up.

    Best regards

    Karl RothamelOctober 16, 2012
  • Karl,

    Try posting on the forum. We missed this one. But no you NEED to hook up 12 – 30v to TinyG before it will function. USB alone will not power on the cpu.


    RileyOctober 19, 2012
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