TinyG Updates!

Hello all,

We have been very busy working on TinyG and tgFX over the past year.  However this does not excuse our HORRIBLE track record in making some noise on the blog about our progress.
So what is new?  Well….. Lots!
Here are some of the newer developments involving TinyG.  I will be posting many more updates.  This is just a start.


tinyg A3TG



We met up with Jason Von Neidea at the San Fran maker faire in 2013.  He has switch from gbrl to use TinyG drive his Open Source Pick and Place (OpenPNP).
Currently he is (jason) is taking advantage for TinyG’s awesome acceleration code + its constant jerk settings.
You can read more about OpenPNP below.






Othermill PCB CNC


Mike Estee  from other lab created a rocking kickstarter (which we have an early unit coming!) for a mini PCB CNC mill.  That’s cool.. So whats my point?  Well its all ran off of TinyG!  Their kickstarter campaign was successfully funded at $311k!  Needless to day we are working hard to meet our delivery deadlines and are on track!

You can read more about it here.

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