TinyG 0.95 Released

  We’ve been kind of quiet, but very busy over the last few months. There have been a lot of improvements to TinyG. Here’s an overview. For more detail see the TinyG wiki   Faster, Smoother Motion We think the 0.94 release was pretty good, but we made a number of subtle but important improvements […]

TinyG v7 Released

Alden has been working on quite a few hardware design modifications plus a few new boards.  However this post is about the new upcoming TinyG v7 board.  This board has some nice improvements over older versions of TinyG. Lets just jump into the newest features: Bluetooth Serial Dongle Support. Screw down terminals (no need for […]

TinyG and grblshield update – December 24, 2011

2011 has been a busy year at Synthetos. We launched the grblshield in March and TinyG in September.  Here’s an update on both. grblshield has gotten a lot of interest this year. We are almost sold out of our second production run and need to do another at the start of the new year.  There have been […]

TinyG Pre-release For Sale!

TinyG pre-release is available finally.  Alden has been putting a TON of time into working out bugs here and there.  Right now you can get your own TinyG from the synstore.  But be warned this is a pre-release.  There will be updates.  TinyG currently does not have a bootloader on it.  So what does that […]

Heat Sink Kit

New Product: Stepper Driver Heat Sink Kit

We recently added a new product to the syn webstore.  Its a 4 pack stepper driver heat sink kit.  These are not needed with TinyG or grblShield when using motors up to about 2 amps per winding.  However at 2 – 2.5 amps you really should be using at least the heat sinks and possibly […]

What is TinyG – and why?

TinyG is a many-axis motion control system. TinyG components execute G code directly without the need for a general-purpose microcomputer. TinyG is meant to be a complete embedded solution for small motor control. The design goals are to build a board that can handle most motors up thru NEMA23 and be networked for multi-axis motion control well beyond just 3 or 4 axes.

TinyG Update:

  So its been a bit but its time to officially blog a status update on the TinyG motion control system.  Right now the system has the following things working: Most common supported Gcode implemented Line number / comment parsing Serial console (configuration / direct gcode input via cmd line) 4 axis output Limit switches […]

XY Bot Drawing Circles

So it finally happened!  Alden finished the XY plotter bot by putting the “table” on the machine.  Now we have finally used the bot to draw something.  Over on the contraptor.org forums there was a bunch of “test gcode” called or referred to as “Contraptor Circle”.  So we went ahead and got the gcode.. Loaded […]