grblShield Case

Quick update… Been working on a grblShield case as of late.  Its close to being done.  I will release the laser cut files soon.  However, very soon we will be offering a full on “grblShield kit” which will include a preloaded arduino running the latest version of grbl and a laser cut case.  Here is a cardboard early prototype..


grblShield Case

Cardboard Prototype



Notice the upside down logo.. Whoops!










  • Much better than the plywood I bolted mine to… Any idea when it will be available?

    Or, better yet, would it be possible to get the files and use my GRBLShield to cut the case for my GRBLShield?

    todd kreinMarch 13, 2012
  • I am still working on a few minor things on the case. I think I am going to try to move the fan to the side and leave the top free to adjust.

    A much better up to date case is here:

    Ril3yMarch 13, 2012
  • March 16, 2012

    […] Also, I am finishing up our case / cooler. Check it out here: […]

  • I’m like very much your work !
    and i waiting for you ‘grblShield kit’ !!!!!

    ciao and good work!


    ThomasMarch 31, 2012
  • ^_^
    I followed you here from the Sniject type files.
    I work for a research lab at Manchester University in Electronic Engineering.
    It’s so great to finally see someone doing exactly the same thing as I do!

    Re the logo – I do it all of the time. I think having a laser cutter at your disposal makes me a bit of a lazy designer :/


    Natalie ParishMay 22, 2012
  • @Natalie,

    It’s good to know I am not alone 🙂 What other work do you do? I would like to see some? Do you have a site?


    Ril3yMay 22, 2012
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