Bus Pirate V3 Enclosure – Alpha

Bus Pirate V3 Case - Version 1

This is my first attempt at creating a custom enclosure for the Bus Pirate V3. I think these plexi-glass cases are pretty awesome. They take very little resources to make and can be pumped out pretty quickly. On the opposite side (see below) I etched a “cheat sheet” on the bottom for quick commands.

Bus Pirate V3 Case - Version 1

I could not find my spray paint last night (due to re-organizing my workshop.. I guess a little too well ) so I used a magic marker. This provided ok results for the prototype but if you zoom in perhaps you can see that the letters “bled” a bit. I will fix this on the next version. I like the size of this enclosure but I am thinking that the top might benefit from 1 more 1/8 layer or possibly a 1/16 layer to cover the USB connector. I will post this on Thingiverse in the next few days.



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